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Professional Valuations Services

We perform accurate and professional valuations of a wide range of property and assets.

Our valuers hold a National Diploma in Real Estate and are registered with the South African Council for Professional Valuers Profession (SACPVP) and appointed as Sworn Appraisers in terms of Section 6(1) of the Administration of Estates Act, 1965.

Industrial Property Valuations

Warehouses, Vacant Industrial land, Development land and Factories.

Retail Valuations

Retail & Convenience stores, Restaurants, Shopping Malls

Moveable Valuations

All types of machinery; farm, construction and earthmoving equipment, vehicles, catering/restaurant equipment, antiques and furniture.

Commercial Valuations

Office buildings, Workshops & Complexes; Vacant Commercial land.

Agricultural Valuations

Commercial & Lifestyle Farms, Plantations and Small Holdings

Residential Valuations

Vacant Land, Residential dwellings, Townhouses & Apartments

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